Research Lines:

  • Topology and classification of singularities;
  • Topology and classification of singularities;
  • Multiplicity, integral closure and equisingularity;
  • Singularities in differential geometry and implicit equations;
  • Applications of singularity theory to bifurcation problems.

Main Projects:

The group maintain scientific contact with other international centers and coordinates various national and international cooperation projects, among them:

  • Project CAPES-PROCAD, for cooperation with UFPB, UEM e UNESP/S.J.Rio Preto;
  • Project FAPESP-Temático;
  • Project CNPq-Universal;
  • Project CNPq-CONACYT, for cooperation with Instituto de Matemáticas de Cuernavaca, Mexico;
  • Project CAPES-DGU, for cooperation with Universidad de Valencia, Spain;
  • Project CAPES-JSPS, for cooperation with Japan;
  • Project USP-COFECUB, for cooperation with France.